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Cold Roll Forming Machine
 Assembled Corrugated Silo Roll Forming Machine
 Spiral Silo Roll Forming Line
 Square Silo Roll Forming Machine
 Steel Culvert Pipe Roll Forming Machine
 Corrugated panel of water tank roll forming machine
 Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine
 Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine
 Glazed Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine
 Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine
 Floor Deck Roll Forming Machin
 Purlin Roll Forming Machine
 Guardrail Roll Forming Machine
 Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine
 Rack Roll Forming Machine
 Automobile Chassis Roll Forming Machine
 Road Beam & Bridge Beam Roll Forming Line
 Cover Panel of Ship Roll Forming Machine
 Cover Panel of Automobile Roll Forming
 K Span Roll Forming Machine
 Bemo Panel Roll Forming Machine
 Down Pipe Roll Forming Machine
 Rain Gutter Roll Forming Machine
 Guide Rail Roll Forming Machine
 Metal Door Roll Forming Machine
 Carriage Board Roll Forming Machine
 Stainless Steel Roll Forming Machine
 Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine
 Suspended Ceiling Machine
 Roof Panel Bending Machine
 Roof Panel Curving Machine
 Folding and Roll Forming Machine
 Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Line
 Steel Coil Slitting Line
Roll Forming Accessory Equipme
 Steel Sheet Straightening and Cutting Machine
 Sheet Metal Slitting Machine
Roll Formed Products
 Steel Floor Deck
 Wall Panel
 Glazed Roof Tile
 Corrugated Sheet
 Roof Panel
Protection Film
 PE Milk White Protection Film
 PE Transparent Protection Film
 PE Printable Protection Film
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The PE black and white protection film is a special single layered decorative and protective material for surface. It takes the high quality surface polyethylene film as the substrate coated with special acryli...

Features1.The PET high temperature protection film uses special polyethylene material which has high heat resistance.2. It has good adhesive property and high tensile strength.3. This product is acid and alkali...

The PE blue protection film gains the name because of its color. It has good heat insulation property which decreases the heat absorption.Related NamesPolyethylene Protective Film | Tinted Plastic Film Rolls | ...

The PE black protection film is able to be laminated both in traditional and rapid lamination ways. It features excellent long term heat tolerance and high peel strength. This opaque product masks the panel sur...

The PE milk white protection film applies waterproof coating liquid with superior resistance to protect the panel from corrosion and degeneration. It has excellent adhesiveness. Made of polythene material, this...

Features1. Performance testThe PE transparent protection film presents excellent adhesiveness. It is easy to be pasted and peeled off and there is no glue displacement. It will not fall off or fracture when it ...

The superior PE printable protection film is widely applied fro protecting panels like colored steel plate, stainless steel plate, all kinds of injection molding products, acrylic board, aluminum alloy and plas...


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