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Roll Forming Equipment Specialist
Wuxi Guangcai Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd

Cold Roll Forming Machine
 Assembled Corrugated Silo Roll Forming Machine
 Spiral Silo Roll Forming Line
 Square Silo Roll Forming Machine
 Steel Culvert Pipe Roll Forming Machine
 Corrugated panel of water tank roll forming machine
 Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine
 Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine
 Glazed Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine
 Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine
 Floor Deck Roll Forming Machin
 Purlin Roll Forming Machine
 Guardrail Roll Forming Machine
 Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine
 Rack Roll Forming Machine
 Automobile Chassis Roll Forming Machine
 Road Beam & Bridge Beam Roll Forming Line
 Cover Panel of Ship Roll Forming Machine
 Cover Panel of Automobile Roll Forming
 K Span Roll Forming Machine
 Bemo Panel Roll Forming Machine
 Down Pipe Roll Forming Machine
 Rain Gutter Roll Forming Machine
 Guide Rail Roll Forming Machine
 Metal Door Roll Forming Machine
 Carriage Board Roll Forming Machine
 Stainless Steel Roll Forming Machine
 Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine
 Suspended Ceiling Machine
 Roof Panel Bending Machine
 Roof Panel Curving Machine
 Folding and Roll Forming Machine
 Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Line
 Steel Coil Slitting Line
Roll Forming Accessory Equipme
 Steel Sheet Straightening and Cutting Machine
 Sheet Metal Slitting Machine
Roll Formed Products
 Steel Floor Deck
 Wall Panel
 Glazed Roof Tile
 Corrugated Sheet
 Roof Panel
Protection Film
 PE Milk White Protection Film
 PE Transparent Protection Film
 PE Printable Protection Film
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Features1. The silo has the features of light weight and low cost of manufacture. It is suitable for working with the conveying equipment of large capacity.2. It can be assembled conveniently in a short period ...

The floor deck, also called composite floor decking or metal profile sheet, is roll formed by galvanized steel plate. The cross section resembles a letter V, letter U, trapezoid shape or other similar corrugate...

The down pipe together with the rain gutter forms the water drainage system which is designed to direct the rain water or melted snow water out of the roof. Our product has the advantages of beautiful appearanc...

The roof panel formed by the colored tile making machine is connected in the way of screw penetration or seaming. It features light weight, high strength, low cost, quick installation, diversified patterns, bri...

Features1.The inspirational corrugation design of the corrugated sheet fulfills the need for innovation of modern architecture.2. The sheet is long and wide.3. It forms the natural arc and the minimum curvature...

Our glazed roof tile is a new type of archaized building material. It uses color steel as the substrate which is specially processed and painted with baking finish.Features1.This product is easy for installatio...

The wall panel we produce is the corrugated contour plate in different patterns, roll formed by the steel sheet with colored coating. It is applicable for decorating the roof and wall of the industrial and civi...

The rain gutter is the groove for directing the rain water for drainage, installed at the joint between the roofs or between the roof and the walls. The product we make is coated with polyester layer to keep it...

In recent years, this ceiling panel with high performance develops rapidly in this field and meets the gradually grown demands of people in the household ceiling materials. Its advantages aren't limited to fire...

The purlin is a kind of profile steel with C or Z section. It is the highly processed product of the steel strip or coiled sheet that is roll formed at room temperature. This product is an efficient and economi...


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